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Hugh Grandstaff founded hlh&r Metals in October 2010 with the idea of growing a company that could pass on to future generations.  Hugh is currently a 737 Captain for a major airline, and serves as President of hlh&r Metals.  His leadership has helped take hlh&r Metals from a single scale to a multi-million dollar statewide operation that services nearly every industry.  Hugh & his wife Lynne reside in Red Oak, TX.  Both his sons hold executive positions at hlh&r Metals.

Lynne Grandstaff serves as the office manager for hlh&r Metals.  Lynne is responsible for payroll, compliance and record keeping.  She is a former head of Neonatal Intensive Care at Methodist Hospital.  Lynne is a member of the Red Oak ISD board and an active member of the community.

Hugh Taylor Grandstaff is the Director of Operations for hlh&r Metals. Hugh's responsibilities include business development, planning and forecasting, and logistics oversight. His previous work experience has taken him all over the world, across multiple industries and markets. Hugh graduated 3rd in his class from the distinguished Merchant Marine Academy where he majored in Transportation and Logistics. He as served in the United Stated Navy Reserve as Second Mate on the HSV Swift 2. Hugh is also a certified flight instructor and a member of the T-28 Trojan Flyers Flight Demonstration Team.  

Robert Grandstaff serves on the Board for hlh&r Metals while he completes his commitment to the United States Navy after graduating Valedictorian from the Merchant Marine Academy.  Robert, along with his father Hugh, are responsible for the early vision which is now hlh&r Metals.  Robert, when he was not overseas, helped lay the foundation for the business.  Robert, along with his brother Hugh, is responsible to develop and plan for the future growth of hlh&r Metals. 

Brian Geihl serves on the Board for hlh&r Metals.  His early involvement with hlh&r was fundamental to the company’s growth and success.  Since opening in 2010, hlh&r Metals has relied on Brian for its financial analytics and growth strategy.  Brian is also a degreed mechanical engineer working for a major aerospace company as a materials and processes engineer.  His extensive knowledge of aerospace manufacturing has helped open the doors for hlh&r in the aerospace scrap metal market.

Arthur Beynon joined hlh&r Metals in 2011.  As a managing partner, his responsibilities include acquisition of new accounts and future development and planning.  Arthur has an extensive background as an entrepreneur with successful ventures in industries ranging from financial services to hospitality.  Arthur is also a private pilot.   

Chad Smith serves as hlh&r Metals' General Manager.  He is responsible for the day to day management of the non-ferrous operation and outbound logistics management.  Before joining hlh&r Metals, Chad served in the United States Army for nearly two decades where he held positions within the Special Forces.