A leader in rebar and ferrous recycling
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hlh&r Metals Recycling

&, it's in our DNA.

Since 2010, hlh&r Metals Recycling has been committed to providing environmentally responsible, reliable & profitable scrap metal recycling solutions to our customers.  We deploy the latest technology, reporting & processing methodologies to ensure our customers are provided with the results they need to meet their recycling objectives.

& is always taking the step beyond expectation.


Leaders in Rebar Recycling

Rebar is widely considered as one of the most difficult ferrous materials to recycle, but with the growing demand to improve the country's infrastructure, scrap rebar holds an important place in the steelmaking cycle.  hlh&r has been a leader in the processes of recycling this incredibly tough commodity. 


We continue to work with equipment manufacturers, designers and engineers to improve the methodologies and hardware required to supply thousands of tons a month of processed scrap rebar to US and international steel mills.

Leadership Team


489,000,000 lbs. recycled

18,500 customers served

3.9MM metric tons of C02 emissions avoided (EPA WARM MODEL EST.)